Best Israeli Albums of 2015

by David Pearl | 13.09.15



Rosh Ha’Shana (The Jewish new year) is the ideal time to choose the best Israeli albums that came out in the past year. Here are my 16 choices. They have nothing to do with ratings – just the ones that touched me the most and were on endless repeat in my headphones.

Listen to a special Mixtape with my 16 favorite songs – one of each album:

Avi Goldfinger

Avi Goldfinger | “What Do You Know About Jesus Anyway?”

These 14 songs taken from Avi’s poem book carring the same name are just so beautiful you can’t resist listening to them again & again. Heartbreaking love songs about the small things between her & him.

Website | Bandcamp | Facebook


A-WA | Habib Galbi

Three sisters decided to go back in time to their Yemen roots, and bring back a collection of Yemen-Folk songs. The result –  a modern touch that updates the songs and yet keeps them true and real to their roots. It’s absolutely addictive.

Website | Facebook

Dana Ivgy

Dana Ivgy | ID

One of the most famous actresses in Israel decided to fulfill her dream of becoming a musician and we’re the fortunate ones. 11 perfectly mastered songs take us to a special and weird (in the beautiful sense) journey inside Dana’s heart & mind.

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Daniel Sapir

Daniel Sapir | Daniel Sapir

This debut album comes from one of the busiest contra-bassist around here, and its’ 11 gorgeous folky and dreamy songs made the wait worthwhile.

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Daniela Spector

Daniela Spector | Kol Hadvarim Hayafim Be’emet (All The Beautiful Things)

The follow up to Daniela’s debut album is exactly what we were waiting for. Full grown songs accompanied with great lyrics and Daniela’s dreamy vocals flying above.

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Dikla | Ve Im Preda (If Farewell)

After years of combining between Middle Eastern and electronic tunes, Dikla’s fourth album is the one that brought her to the front of the mainstream music scene with massive hits and one incredible cover song (look for “Here Comes The Rain Again”…).

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Dudu Tassa

Dudu Tassa & The Kuwaitis | Ala Shawati

After the success of his first album, Dudu Tassa is going back to his roots yet again. With an updated approch to the songs of Saleh and Daoud Al-Kuwaity and with great musical guests, he is successfully gluing the old and the new, making this one of the best albums to listen to in a long time.


Garden City Movement

Garden City Movement | Modern West

GCM did it again! Their third EP gives us another taste of their abilities as masters of painting amazing landscapes. Their music takes you to the dancefloor while breaking your heart as you’re on it.

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Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat

Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat | Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat

On one side there’s Maya Belsitzman and her Cello and on the other there’s Matan Ephrat and his drums. The combination of these two created this incredible album with its’ well crafted songs going through rock, electronic and folky tunes.

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Moora | Moora

Moora’s debut album came after more than a decade after they formed their band. At that time they collected a huge fan base who waited patiently for this amazing album. They combine Jazzy tunes with poems by different poets that you would never believe someone could compose. But magic was done and Moora created a fascinating album you just can’t stop listening to.

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Noa Shemer

Noa Shemer | Osei Ha’Sikumim (Makers of Summaries)

Noa’s debut album was one of my private and pleasant surprises this year. It came from nowhere right into my heart. 11 poems from different poets that Noa composed making it a full album that takes me back and forth in time with its’ almost 90’s grunge approach and Noa’s timeless voice.


Riff Cohen

Riff Cohen | A La Menthe

Riff Cohen’s second album is an upgrade. While the debut album had its strong and weak moments, the second album is an 8 track perfection going through middle eastern tunes that will make you dance on the table, to great ballads that will break your heart.


Ronit Rolland

Ronit Rolland | Mavoch (Maze)

Ronit has been around for a while now, but this album is a musical statement that showcases her ability to write great songs that combine strength and gentleness. It’s a journey through beauty and pain, happiness and loneliness, but mostly it’s heartbreaking and uplifting music at the same time.

Website | Bandcamp | Facebook

Shai Tsabari

Shai Tsabari | Shaharit

The “Nu-Middle Eastern Sound” is probably a made up concept, but if it’s real then Shai is the king of it all. His very anticipated debut album proved not only that he owns one of the greatest voices ever, but that he also makes incredible music.

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Stella got

Stella Got | Wounded Ladies

With its’ tight 7 songs reminiscing the likes of PJ Harvey and other rock female musicians, this new album is a jem. ​Listening to it is a walk between rough tunes and gentle strokes of emotional ballads (if one can call them that…). Shining a​bove all is Stella’s flying high ​voice making it hard to catch her mysterious reflection that can pet you in one song and then hit you in the next.

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Totemo - Heavy As My Dreams

Totemo | Heavy As My Dreams

Last but nor least, Rotem – AKA Totemo, released this gorgeous follow up EP to her debut album – making it really hard to stop listening to it on repeat. 5 songs that will keep you begging for more in anticipation for a full length album.

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