SANDR (Shelly and Rotem) /// Eternal Loop Of Lies

by David Pearl | 25.11.14

Sad songs belong to the winter. They thrive when it’s cold outside, in our attempt to find some melodies and words that will keep us warm. But the best sad songs are those that break your heart, yet bring you some kind of joy and hope.

SANDR‘s first single “Eternal Loop Of Lies” from their forthcoming debut album is exactly what I was hoping it to be, a sincere collection of lyrics combined with amazing vocals and beautiful production by Tom Darom. Shelly Levy & Rotem Frimer are the young ladies behind SANDR (formerly known as “Shelly & Rotem”). They both sing and write the songs together in a way only good friends can, in their own unique atmosphere. They met at high school and have continued on with their successful formula ever since – Shelly on the keyboard and Rotem playing the guitar. You can’t know that they’re young from their incredibly mature music and their heart-breaking approach to lyrics. The band was founded in 2012 and since then they managed to release the beautifully mastered “Between Shores” EP. Now they are working on the material for their full length debut album while touring.

Catch them performing tonight (25.11) at “Syrup” in Haifa and in “Levontin” in Tel Aviv on the 5Th of December and listen to “Eternal Loop Of Lies” below.


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