Zohara /// Soldier

by David Pearl | 07.10.14


Sometimes musicians need to get involved in their political, social and cultural passions and use their music to make a statement. But only some musicians are talented enough for their music is stand alone in that statement. To enable one song to make some kind of a difference.

Soldier“, the first single from Zohara (Zohara Niddam) is one of those statement songs that can move your soul with or without additional rallies about unnecessary wars and soldiers that are sent to needless battles. But let’s leave the political talk to the politicians and concentrate on the incredible music – This electro driven song is the first hint from Zohara’s forthcoming debut album that she has been working on for the past 2 years. Working alongside musician & producer Yehezkel Raz, the pair have been recording in her own bedroom studio – and what a great hint it is! The album is full of beautiful electronic songs built from layers of crispy electronic sounds and samples and Zohara’s vocals flying above all of them sounding fresh and new.

CATCH her live TODAY (07.10) at the “Pasáž” and watch the “Soldier” video below.


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