Matan Ben-Zvi /// The Unnecessary Joy

by David Pearl | 17.09.14

It’s still so hot outside so it’s hard to believe that autumn is on its way to us but I’m making sure to stock some beautiful autumn and winter music for the cold days that I love so much.

Matan Ben Zvi’s debut album “The Farewell of The Prodigal Son” is the right album to listen to when it’s windy outside with its’ 11 beautifully mastered songs all produced by Matan himself. Wild West sounds with rocky flavours alongside couple of powerful ballads and heartbreaking lyrics all making this album into a strong musical statement and as it says in the title – a farewell. Before this album Matan released an EP called “Awakening Project” in which he produced different musician singing their own written songs but all under his musical production – making him not only a singer songwriter but also a producer that not only producing himself but also other artists. Now after releasing the album and touring he’s leaving to New York to study and play his music to a bit different audience and discovering more sides to him as a musician.

CATCH him performing his last show in Tel Aviv (for now…) tonight (17.09) at Tsuzamen Bar and listen to “The Unnecessary Joy”  below.


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