Graph Rabbit /// Snowblind

by David Pearl | 08.09.14

As we go further into the music shuffle era it’s harder to listen carefully to a full album. There’s too much to hear and not as much time left to really sit down and listen to everything, let alone to get excited or be moved. But sometimes an album comes along that makes you to sit down, relax and let the music envelope your mind, body and your shuffle addiction.

Graph Rabbit‘s debut album “Snowblind” is one of those incredible albums that you have to dedicate time to. You have to give your whole being and listen to it, track to track, from beginning to end. Although after you hear the first few seconds of the album, it’s hard to resist. Graph Rabbit are the Brooklyn-based duo of artist/composer Austin Donohue and experimental pianist Shy Kedmi. With the help of engineer and producer Allen Farmelo – who worked with The Cinematic Orchestra – they created a new world with magical music that tells the story of an unnamed character through a loose-knit narrative. This character wanders through a surreal, minimalist snowscape, falls in and out of sleep, follows deceptive birds, argues with a river and eventually surrenders to the silence of snowfall. You can’t ignore the influences of names such as Björk, Sigur Rós’s Jonsi and even Múm, but at the same time it’s so different, such beautifully crafted music with Austin’s beautiful voice elevating everything into another dimension.

For a concept album like this, it was only suitable to make a live show that will go hand-in-hand with it. So the duo chose to perform the album live front-to-back with no computers to really bring the world they’ve created to their audience. So after more than 200 shows all over the states they have come to Israel for a mini tour kicking it first in Tel aviv [solo] (08.09), Be’er Sheva [opening act by Flora] (09.09), Tel aviv [opening act by Shelly & Rotem] (10.09), Jerusalem [opening act by Alon Eder] (11.09), Haifa [opening act by Paspartou]  (12.09) and closing the tour again in Tel aviv [opening act by Einav Jackson Cohen] (13.09).

Watch Graph Rabbit’s videos below and purchase yourself a copy on HERE.


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