Tom Gefen /// They Will Hold You Now

by David Pearl | 27.08.14

One song, one perfect song, on repeat. One song, beautifully mastered song, that rips your heart out shapes it differently and puts it back where it belongs. That’s all you need in life. One song on endless repeat.

That song is on Tom Gefen‘s debut EP “Through Fire” along with 3 other heartbreaking and amazing songs that will make you wish it was a full album with 10 songs at least. Tom who was in the past a footballer and also the lead singer for the Metal band “Reign Of The Architect” decided to take some time out and give to the singer-songwriter in him a fair chance and apparently it was a very wise choice. He worked with Ben Spector on the EP giving it an electronic fill combined with more live instrumental arrangements and with his true and wise lyrics sung by his magnetizing voice. Now Tom is planning to tour with his band and with his songs and working on a full length album.

You can CATCH them performing & launching the EP TODAY (27.08) at “Tmuna Theatre” (Shonstino 8, TLV). Watch the video for “They Will Hold You Now” and listen to the EP¬†below.


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