Djamchid Sisters /// Sandcastle

by David Pearl | 19.08.14

It’s usual for siblings to fight. What is unusual is when a pair of siblings come together and collaborate creatively – and manage to make it work.

Meet the Djamchid Sisters, Eden & Shay-Li Djamchid, two sisters from Jerusalem that make beautiful music together. They have already released their first single and now they’re working on their debut album while they tour the country. “Sandcastle” is the musical embodiment of a peaceful, tropical island – sung by both sisters with Eden on guitar and Shay-Li on cello.The harmony of their famililial voices picks up their melodies perfectly.

You can CATCH them performing today (19.08) at “Shpagat Live” (43 Nachalat Binyamin Street, Tel aviv) with a special acoustic show and Ronit Rolland as a special guest. Listen to “Sandcastle” below.


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