Adaam James /// You’re Like Bad TV

by David Pearl | 13.07.14

When the days get mad outside I always prefer to go to a safe place and for me MUSIC is the safest place on earth.

Adaam James is one of those elusive musicians that makes his wonderful music right under our noses but if you’re lucky enough to catch him you’ll fall in love instantly. After studying History and Journalism and composing numerous scores for film and theater he released his debut album “How About Now?” full of great tunes sung mostly by other talents mostly because Adaam’s shyness and him wanting to be more in the back of the music. “Good Applied to People” (coming out this week), His 2nd album is a totally different story and by the first 2 singles that came out you can finally not only hear Adaam’s great musical talent but also see him in action. Apparently his days of shyness are over and that’s a really big news cause now you can can enjoy his great music and lyrics and take part in his musical experience.

These days his on tour with his “RETIRED CON ARTIST” troupe performing one last show in Tel Aviv right before he will be leaving to study in Columbia University and spend time in New York making music and be moved by the city’s fire escapes.

Catch them performing one last time on the 14th of July at “OzenBar” and watch the videos for “You’re Like Bad TV” & “”Phantoms” below.

Visit Adaam’s artist page on Facebook.


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