Noria /// My Heart & My Mind

by David Pearl | 29.05.14

Big cities have a tendency of being far too loud and sometimes, can make you go insane! New buildings are built, old ones are improved; garbage trucks pick up yesterday’s memories and airplanes don’t stop coming and going. As a big-city person, you can get the itch to leave everything behind for just a tiny slice of quietness. My suggestion is to shut the door, close all the windows, turn the phone off, put your headphones on and let your favorite music play you into a peaceful quietness.

Right now my go to is NORIA, a band made up of Nir Tsfaty (in the picture above), Dotan Moshanov, Alon Peretz, Orri Dror and Noa Segal. Their music is hard to define, but that’s what makes it so great. Anthers”, their first EP – with 4 incredible songs – came out in 2011 and presented what can be best described as a blend of post-rockwith electronic & Icelandic flavors. In 2013 Noria released Clear Backgrounds”, their first full-length album. This beautiful album took the band one step further, adding to their special musical mixture of new Brit-Pop flavors, heard in perfect alternative pop songs. If you’re seeking it, “Clear Backgrounds” will give you some peace and quiet, but may also break you heart. So be careful…

Watch the stunning video for “My Heart & My Mind” below and CATCH them live on May 30th at Levontin7.


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