Joove /// Another Candle On The Cake

by David Pearl | 27.05.14

Quite often the people around me hear me say how in love I am with this band or with this song or even with music in general. Being that I fall in love so often, it’s far easier to have a music blog where I can write about each note, beat or voice that makes me fall in love. And that’s precisely what happened when I heard JoovE for the first time.

JoovE is Yuval Shenhar & Aviad Zinemanas. Yuval started the band as a side project and then joined forces with Aviad. Now they are finally releasing their debut album “Unlock & Good Luck”, complete with heartbreaking songs that combine electronic beats with folkie vibes to create a very special musical atmosphere unique to these guys and their music. If you love Hot Chip and miss the good indietronic music that makes you move your body while the tears roll down, JoovE is the answer you were waiting for.

Watch the videos for “Another Candle On The Cake” & “Present” below and CATCH them performing Today (27.05) at the Pasáž.


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