Micha Hershlikevitch /// Kol Givorey Ha’Yaldut (All My Childhood Heroes)

by David Pearl | 23.05.14

There’s no better way to welcome the warm days that are coming upon us than to listen to a beautiful album, full of comforting songs, that make the heart smile and sing along.

Micha Hershlikevitch is one of those guitarists that, after years of playing with nearly every great artist in Israel, decided to make his dream of taking over the spotlight come true and stand in the middle of the stage, playing his own material. I met Micha a few years ago and from the first time he sent me his early sketches and demos – what would become his debut solo album – I knew that this moment would come. “Ahrey Ma She’Avar” is an incredible Israeli album, with its’ unique sound, beautiful melodies and heartbreaking lyrics, all sung by Micha’s caressing voice.

I can promise that you’ll hear more about Micha in the near future – that’s what happens to musicians like him, who pour their heart and soul into their music.

Watch the videos for “Kol Givorey Ha’Yaldut” & “Ahrey Ma She’Avar” below and be sure to CATCH Micha when he debuts his album at the “Tmuna Theater”, on May 26th.


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