Guy Gelem /// Reappearance

by David Pearl | 15.05.14

Sometimes in music you don’t need a bunch of words to express feelings, yours or those of the artist. Sometimes all we need is the instrumental version of our deepest feelings where the words are hiding behind the twists and turns of the instruments playing a sort of hide and seek game in an emotional forest without the need to expose themselves.

Guy Gelem‘s mysterious music is by definition one of the best poetic instrumental music I came upon and it happened totally by mistake in one of my usual internet quests when I discovered the delicate and beautiful “Eighteen Minutes” (released in 2012 by “Mini50 Records”) and the guitar & cello work of “Tides” (released in 2011 by “Quiet Design”). I was absolutely fascinated by Guy’s perfect lyrical combination of Cello, minimal electronics and sometimes a guitar coming all together as if they were the soundtrack of a not yet born movie about the core of all feelings on this planet. Now, after living for a while in the Czech Republic and London the Israel born electroacoustic composer and cellist is back and ready to release his next masterpiece “Reappearance” (via the US based label “Time Released Sound”) with its’ 4-piece cello works each dedicated to a different period of the day – You can purchase a very limited edition of the record HERE.

Listen below to “Movement 1 (Morning)” & “Movement 3 (Evening)” taken from the “Reappearance” album and also to “The Seventh” taken from “Eighteen Minutes”.

Guy Gelem גיא גלם

Guy Gelem


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