Noam Sadan /// Kshtavo (When You Come)

by David Pearl | 12.05.14

People who may know me already got the fact that female voices are my favorite, maybe it’s because my mother used to sing to me as a child or maybe for other reason but I fall in love in female voices really fast. Their vocal somehow can get right into me and successfully touch my deepest places awakening memories and feelings of any sort.

Noam Sadan has one of those voices that shakes my heart. Her debut album “Ein Nachat” (“No Comfort”) came out late of 2013 full of emotional songs about love & life written by her (except one song written by the poet Zelda). “Kshtavo” is on of the lead singles from the album telling the story of loneliness in a big city. Now she’s working on her next project under the pseudonym “Nomke” and recording an album with songs in English all accompanied with her favourite instrument – the Ukulele, Out later this year. You can also listen to her songs and covers with the Ukulele uploaded every Monday & Thursday on her Youtube channel.

Listen below to “Kshtavo” taken from her debut album and “Music & Books” taken from the forthcoming Ukulele album and CATCH her performing live with the Ukulele at the “Tsuzamen Bar” on the 21th of May (Free Entrance) and you can also CATCH her performing a tribute to the great Sharon Van Etten in a special tribute show on the 6th of June at “Uganda Bar”.


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