KOB /// Lifamim (Sometimes)

by David Pearl | 08.05.14

The local Indie scene in Tel Aviv and Israel is already used to feel like a “loser”, just like everyone that lives in this country. The constant battles, the small audiences that really appreciate good music (and there’s lots of it here…), very few radio stations and the battle of the record to stay alive in this times – everything together can make any artist to feel like there’s no chance to make it here and get your music to the right ears and hearts. But the best “losers” are those who fight back becoming the best winners in this crazy game.

Kob is the perfect example for a winner in the battle. His chameleon virtues as a musician makes him a true musician. After experimenting with electronic music, folk and rock he now releases his 5th album “Tugat Hamafsidim” (“The Sorrow of the Losers”) a concept album that tries to deal with the idea of losing from the perspective of the loser side in politics, love, human values and culture. This beautifully crafted album and the 8 songs in it are successfully treat the concept surrounding the album with strong lyrics and kick ass music all sung by a very graceful “loser” or a winner, it depends on how you look at it.

Strean the full album and Listen to “Lifamim” below & CATCH him performing at Levontin7 on Saturday (10.05).


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