Ruth Dolores Weiss /// 4 New Songs

by David Pearl | 24.03.14

When I think about soulful and emotional singer Ruth Dolores Weiss‘s name comes first to my mind. Her ability to make all of your emotions to come up from deep places to the surface is incredible.

Since the first time I heard her voice on her debut album “Come See (Raw Versions)” I felt that it’s going to be an long-lasting affair. Then came her 2nd album “Be’Ivrit” with its’ amazing songs and one heartbreaking cover and the incredible covers album “My Middle Name Is Misery”, both of them became a very important part of my private records collection while breaking my heart every time I listen to them and to her everlasting voice and music. Now Ruth is finishing her new album, producing it all by herself for the very first time with great musician on her side and releasing 4 beautifully crafted new songs that will be part of the forthcoming album but for that to happen she needs the help of her old and new fans by raising money for the project via the self-financing website “Headstart”.

Listen to the new songs below and go to her “Headstart”  project and support the new album (only 4 days left…)


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