Koevary /// Poland

by David Pearl | 20.03.14

The first day of Spring brings so many promises about the future and an uplifting feeling with the hope that all the promises will somehow come true without breaking any hearts.

Koevary are one of those Spring promises, an all man band leaded by one of the new and most intriguing female voices around here – Avigayil Atara Koevary. The band members are Ziv Zac, Maor Alush, Chen Baruch, Nimrod Kama & Ido Zilberman. Avigayil grew up in a religious family from Jerusalem and moved to Tel-Aviv when she was 20 leaving the religion behind and yet seeking after her own concept of religion and what does it mean to be religious, so she wrote the songs for Koevary’s debut album “Religion Home God Love”. The four words in the title are the best way to describe these songs and Koevary’s music – incredible rock statements about the search and the find of the things that are important to each and one of us with Avigayil’s powerful voice and lyrics combined with the great music that the band provides makes this album a very honest, emotional and a rare one in the local musical landscape.

Watch the video for “Poland” below and CATCH them performing live with the release of the album at “Tmuna Theatre” on the 26th of March.


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