David Lavi /// Two Rooms

by David Pearl | 11.02.14

Apperently the Israeli winter forgot about us, the sun is outside and there’s no chance of rain in the foreseeable future. So I’m left with the only option I can imagine: listening to wintry songs and imagine about real winter with rain and all.

David Lavi was discovered in the 9th season of the Israeli version of a music reality seeking after the next great musicians. He was one of the more memorable contestants with amazing interpretations to the songs he chose and at the end he won the very promising 2nd place and I truly believe that in the manner of music reality shows the second place is always kept for the really interesting musicians that are not afraid of going to deep with their music. Since the show he is  working on his debut album with the search after the exact sound and production that will soothe his musical soul and combine his very religious past as a kid with his new life. Until the album will be released you can listen to “Two Rooms”, a song beautifully produced by the acclaimed Tzach Drori.

Catch him performing TODAY  (11.02) with a special acoustic show with his old & new songs at “Shpagat Live”.


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