Anat Ester Hitman /// Hayiti Menasa (I Would Have Tried)

by David Pearl | 09.01.14

Sometimes all you need is one great song to be hooked on let it warm you in these winter days.

Anat Ester Hitman‘s new single from her forthcoming self-titled debut album is exactly one of those songs to be hooked on. I’ve heard this song as a sketch almost 2 years ago but then it was a more mellow version as expected from a sketch version, since then Anat decided to disconnect herself from everything and start working and recording her debut album. The songs grew and got a full rock treatment full of layers and textures becoming into these great songs with Anat’s powerful and dominating voice above all┬átaking me back to Skunk Anansie’s “Post Orgasmic Chill” era. The full album will be out later this years so there’s something to wait for.

Watch the video for “Hayiti Menasa” below and catch her performing TODAY (09.01) at “Caffe Bialik”.


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