Jane Bordeaux /// Einav

by David Pearl | 02.12.13

“Jane Bordeaux”, a new act based in Tel Aviv, is making unbelievable folk-country music in Hebrew.

Doron Talmon came to Tel Aviv to study music and that’s when she met the musicians that became “Jane Bordeaux” at the end : Mati Gilad and Amir Zeevi. They released a short EP and started to collect fans and followers to their great interpretation in Hebrew of the American folk-country music – something that never happened in Israel before.

Now they are working on their first full length album to be released next year while performing all over the country. You can catch them live at the “Shpagat” on December 3. For more info check HERE and watch the video for the raw version of “Einav” below and listen to the more up beat “Lo Pashut Li”.


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