Talya Eliav /// Galey Galim

by David Pearl | 01.11.13

If the winter hesitant to come maybe it’s better to bring it with music…

After 2 beautiful albums Talya Eliav released the album “6:28” couple of months ago and it took me a while to discover it properly. It was chosen for one of the best albums of the year by most critics. It’s an album that marks a great change in Talya’s music – it’s still dark and complex full of layers but in a more communicative way. 7 amazing songs produced by her musical partner Shai Lowenstein adding up into an incredible musical journey out of time and space discovering the full beauty of Talya’s voice and lyrics.

You can listen and buy the album HERE and you can catch her performing with the record for the first time in a special show as part of the “Piano Festival 2013” on the 7th of October. More details HERE.


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