Eatliz /// Miserable

by David Pearl | 27.10.13

Imagine a great movie about the future of the human race that was never written or made. Now try to imagine the music that would be on the soundtrack. How would it sound?

The Art-Rock band Eatliz (Sivan Abelson – Vocals, Omer Hershman – Guitar, Hadar Green – Bass, Pedals, Keyboards, Omry Hanegbi – Drums, Guy Ben Shetrit – Guitar) successfully tried to answer this need with 3 incredible albums and mind-blowing videos. Now they are going to take this idea to the next level with their 4th studio album “All Of It”.

Accompanied with their new vocalist Sivan Abelson and musical producer Itamar Ziegler, (who worked with Pink Noise and Balkan Beat Box before) they bring you “Miserable” as the first single from the forthcoming album with new and exciting landscapes of electronics, bits, and lots of renewed love for creativity and music.

You can help them with the release of the new album by contributing HERE (Hebrew version HERE) and buying the album loaded with extra surprises.

Take a listen to “Miserable” below.


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