by David Pearl | 06.10.13

Sometimes music comes as a surprise from unexpected places sweeping me away.

Merav Shacham is well known as a designer (mostly for album covers such as the covers for Yehu Yaron“Kalbey Ruach”Panic Ensemble and many others) but when she read Robert Walser’s book “Man Who Didn’t Notice Anything” filled with short stories the music inside of her started to play so she decided to take his timeless words and bring them into a music project combined with art.

It took me only once to hear and fall in love with this amazing album or as Merav (who is very carefull with calling herself a ‘songer’) calls it – a musical project. It starts with what sounds as a home recording of Merav singing to her baby and becomes into dramatic and yet small songs driven by piano, percussions, bass, trumpets, field recordings and other magical instruments leaving the lead role for the words of Robert Walser sung by Merav’s surprisingly amazing voice that sounds like a wise mother singing her wice stories to her children and produced by her husband and an amazing musician himself – Yehu Yaron.

Now Merav is ready to show the world the art side of this project on the 10th of October at the “Alfred Gallery” (Ben Atar 19, Tel Aviv). The “Man Who Didn’t Notice Anything” exhibition will combine video art, sounds, sketches and installation made by Merav. And on the 19th of October you can catch her performing live with the album at the “Hanut Teather” (Ha’Aliah 31, Tel Aviv)

Listen to the full album HERE or below.

Visit Merav Shacham’s Website HERE.

Go to the facebook event for the Exhibition HERE.

and the Live Show HERE.


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