Shirly Kones /// Tzipor Metupeshet (Silly Bird)

by David Pearl | 18.09.13

The best kinds of songs are the ones that catch you by surprise. They suddenly come into your life and abstract you from reality, if only for a few moments, bringing some comfort to your soul.

“Tzipor Metupeshet” by Shirly Kones is one of those enchanting songs that flew straight into my heart, replaying over and over again. It’s taken from her upcoming album “Invention”, a unique collection that harmoniously builds with every new captivating song added to the album right after being recorded, resulting in a beautiful project filled with memorable, captivating songs. “Tzipor Metupeshet” is the third song on the album. You can find and listen to the others here.

Watch the beautiful video for the song below.


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