OverShare /// Hunger To Stop / I Want You To Find

by David Pearl | 25.08.13

Lately you can find more and more duo acts singing about love, relationships and heartbreaks  in the local music scene here . But there’s one act that really over-shines.

OverShare are Tzlil Danin & Aryeh Hasfari. She’s a solo artist and one of the lead singers in “Metropolin” and he’s a film-maker and a musician. Their special approach to music as a duo is what makes their music so exciting and emotional. They sing duets about love and death and what they describe as “chronic idleness”. Tzlil’s breath-taking voice and Aryeh’s heart-breaking voice are combined into small and yet beautiful songs.

Now they take a break from performing to start working on their very much expected first EP but you can catch them performing a last show before going into the studio at the “OzenBar” on the 28Th of August. For more details click HERE.

Watch the Live Versions of “Hunger To Stop” and “I Want You To Find” below.


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