Tarantina /// Makom Katan (A Small Place)

by David Pearl | 22.08.13

Tarantina (a tribute to Quentin Tarantino) are an all female rock band, a rare thing in the Israeli music scene. The band was established in the holly streets of Jerusalem back in 2005.

The band members are Din Aharony, Eti Bibi, Sigal Nahum and Shiri Burstein. Now they release their beautiful self-titled debut album produced by Ronit Rolland. It’s an album perfectly suited for a great road-trip in the Israeli landscapes starting from the desert in the south up to the green of the north filled with heart-breaking songs created, written and sung by all the band members without any hierarchical division – and in my opinion that’s actually what makes this album a success.

Watch the video for “Makom Katan” made by Tamar Arieli, Dvir Aviram and Arthur Avanesov and catch them performing at “Rotchild 12” on the 27Th of August.


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