Dorine Levy /// New Lover

by David Pearl | 15.08.13

The Telavivian summer is absolutely here. It’s too hot to think and too sunny to be gloomy so the ideal thing to do is to look after the best way to chill our bodies and souls.

One way to do so is to listen to Dorine Levy‘s music, a delicate and beautiful songs filled with chilly atmospheres and electronic breeze. Her unique way of writing and singing Pop flavored songs is amazing. It’s not Pop music in the sense of what you hear these days on any music channel but in a more deep and heart-breaking way. She can travel elegantly and in full style and chic between a tear-in-you-heart song such as “New Lover” into a more electronic and groovy piece like “There For Me”. Her full-length debut album “Underwater”  is almost out (you can pre-order it here.) and like the title of the album describes it perfectly – it’s like taking a big dive into a mind blowing musical pool. So why won’t you stop sweating and go for a swim now?

Listen to the beautiful “New Love” below and watch the video for “There For Me”. Find more about Dorine in her website HERE.




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