Naama Hacohen /// Kabalat Shabat

by David Pearl | 11.08.13

In my endless search after new music I discovered Naama HaCohen‘s extraordinary music. Her soft and yet painful voice singing songs about her old life and her new life and the love in between.

Her old demos turned into beautifully full songs, starting small and turning into complexed and head spinning songs filled with warmness and heart-breaking lyrics. “Kabalat Shabat” is the first single from her forthcoming debut album and it’s about religion and how it intertwined someones love life especially when that love is different from what religious people may consider as normal.

To experience Naama’s strength in telling small stories about life, religion and love through her amazing music you must catch her performing live and you can do it at “Joz Ve Loz” on the 20th of August at 21:30 . Listen to “Kabalat Shabat” below.


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