Avi Adaki /// Mi Toch Ga’agua (Out Of Longing)

by David Pearl | 04.08.13

The search after great music is a long and endless, but beautiful, journey. When my ears stumble upon exciting music my heart starts to race itself while I’m trying to enjoy every bit of the discovery.

Avi Adaki is one of my recent musical discoveries. His music is the kind of music that comes from the deepest soul and the hidden places in his heart. Avi’s belief in his lyrics (or poems, as he would prefer to call them) makes his music challenging but in a good way. The best way that I could describe his music is “Jewish-Israeli-Spoken Word” based on his amazing ability to read and sing his beautiful words and poems.

Now he’s releasing his first official full length studio album “Asir Toda”, a beautiful journey of his body, mind, heart and soul in this modern days through his poems and soulful music. You must listen to it as fast as you can. You won’t be disappointed.

Listen to “Mi Toch Ga’agua” below and check out his Bandcamp here.


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