Maayan Simona /// Baderech Me Haifa (On The Way From Haifa)

by David Pearl | 30.07.13

Sometimes the loudness outside attempts to come in. That’s when I shut the windows and let the music to quiet all the madness around.

That’s where Maayan Simone comes in with her beautiful music. She’s a talented new voice in the indie scene with timeless music that feels like it’s taken from another era – a less crazy and more old school era with whispered songs that become a part of someone musical life.

Now she’s finally starting to work on her debut album to be released next year. Until then she is traveling with her guitar and her songs, performing in different places and making people to fall in-love with her heartbreaking songs and breath-taking voice.

Listen to the “Baderech Me Haifa” below and catch her performing today (30.07) at “Shpagat Live”.


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