Nadav Vikinski /// Nesia Ktzara (Short Ride)

by David Pearl | 14.07.13

From time to time I manage to find an album that comes with me to a journey inside my heart. It doesn’t happen to often, but when it happens it’s a beautiful situation to find myself in. Each song reminds of things that I rather forget and each song rises the right questions while trying to get the right answers.

Nadav Vikinski‘s debut album is one of those albums. It’s about the beautiful journey of a child that becomes a man that becomes a father to his own child. Words can describe the sheer beauty of this songs covered with pianos, strings, and the comfort in Nadav’s voice and lyrics  so you have to listen to the album and let the songs take you to their journey.

Catch Nadav performing and launching the latest album at Levontin 7 this Tuesday, July 16. Watch the video for “Nesia Ktzara” below.


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