Yonatan Volfin /// Mezayen U’Mechabek

by David Pearl | 09.07.13

In the search of new music and new voices in the Telavivian music scene, I always hope to stumble upon musicians that not only sing beautiful songs, but are trying to make some change through their music.

Yonatan Volfin is one of those kind of musicians, his songs are telling the stories of ┬áthe relationships between one man to another man. You may call it gay love songs but this definition is not important in these days – the music is the definition. His beautiful piano based songs are not afraid to make a statement about love without any connection to its sexual orientation. Now he’s working on his debut album while managing to study music at the “Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance” and touring with his songs.

Listen to “Mezayen U’Mechabek” below.


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