Ella vs Mountain /// Missing You

by David Pearl | 04.07.13

In my life happiness goes hand in hand with sadness, they balance each other. I really need this balance, especially in the music I love.

This is where Ella vs Mountain a.k.a. Ella Doron comes in. Her debut album “Ella vs Mountain” combines these two in one great album full of pop tunes alongside great ballads. Songs to cry to, while a big smile is smeared all over your face and your heart. As mentioned on her site: “Ella has long since stopped apologizing for descending from her sheltered Galilee Mountain beginnings into the real world. Moreover, she and has maintained her claim for innocence. It is this beautifully paradoxical relationship between the girl and the Mountain that creates these powerful lyrics and alluring melodies.”

So just lay back and let her music to overcome you – you’ll be absolutely grateful.

Watch the beautiful video for “Missing You” below and CATCH her performing a free gig today (04.07) at The Container.


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