Ori Rakib /// You Have Everything

by David Pearl | 02.06.13


I love the streets of Tel Aviv, they are full of beautiful accidents waiting to happen. You can walk through the streets and then, in middle of nowhere, you can hear strains of wonderful music just waiting to be discovered. The street music scene is not so common here (because of some local laws) but in the last year, more and more musicians are going out to the streets and singing at the top of their voices. That’s how I discovered Ori Rakib, in the middle of Rothschild Blvd. He stood there, with his mic and his guitar, singing covers to Bon Iver and Radiohead, as well as original songs that he wrote, both beautiful and heartbreaking. I fell in love immediately.

Ori sings on the streets by choice. It’s not an issue of money, it’s purely for the thrill. People walk by andare able to discover his music and find themselves greeted with a few minutes of beautiful melodies that they can enjoy in the midst of their hectic daily life.

“Music is a gift. A gift that I finally earned and give every time I play on street corners, on balconies, in bars and cafes and in your mind!” says Ori. Last year, he moved to Berlin with his band “Thin Drapes” to tour on the streets of the city with great success. Now that he has  b moved back and decided to go solo, he can be found singing on the streets of Tel Aviv while working on his debut album, due to be out later this year.

“You Have Everything” is the song that made me to stop in my tracks in the middle of the street and since then, it has been stuck in my head, so I felt I need to share it with everyone. Here it is below:


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