Rotem Shefy /// Karma Police [Radiohead Cover]

by David Pearl | 27.05.13


Sometimes it’s a really dangerous thing to cover a well known and already a beautiful song. But sometimes, on rarely ocasions, the cover may lift the original version and take it to a journey to other dimensions and places and attach new feelings and memories to it.

Rotem Shefy‘s version of Radiohead’s “Karma Police” is an example for a great cover that combines the greatness of the lyrics with Middle Eastern flavours and Arabic tunes. What started as a simple cover became a beautiful take on the Israeli and Arabic cultural heritage and its conflicts. This cover is the first one from a bigger project Rotem is working on with the band an at the same time she continues working on her solo career as a singer-songwriter.

Watch the beautiful video for “Karma Police” directed by Amos Geva and listen to a song from Rotem’s solo project below. CATCH her performing at OZEN BAR this Sutarday (01.06.13)


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