Danielle Ravitzki /// Yoter Miday (Too Much)

by David Pearl | 16.05.13


It looks as the Summer is on the way to Tel Aviv so I’ve been looking for some intellectual pop to share with in these hot days. Intellectual pop is a rare thing here so I’m holding on every bit of good and exciting pop music.

Danielle Ravitzki‘s first single “Too Much” is one of those perfectly designed intellectual pop songs – the music is uplifting (thanks to the great Assaf Amdursky), her voice is heart-breaking, the lyrics (by the poet Yona Wolach) are amazing and the production of it all sounds exactly like it’s taken from abroad but at the same time it’s totally from here.

Everything sums up into great and timeless songs and that’s because of the great minds of Bruno Grife (“Terry Poison”) and Karni Postel (Cellist, Singer and part of the 90’s group “Bikini”) who are producing the album but also because of Danielle Ravitzki and her great taste in music and her choice of influences. Her choice of great songs by great poets and the choice of the amazing musicians that take part in the forthcoming debut album represents the new era in the pop scene of Tel Aviv – The fearless and bold intellectual pop era.


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