Nadav Barnea /// Pirsomot (Commercials)

by David Pearl | 09.05.13


I’m sitting in a small and cosy apartment in Berlin. I needed some air for myself, some necessary time to forget the daily struggles and to be free or, at least, to feel like I’m. Then this song started to play and it suited me perfectly.

“Pirsomot” is the next single from Nadav Barnea‘s debut album “About Life and Death”. A beautiful song produced by Ben Spector and talks about the person versus the public and about wars, winners and how small and scared we are in the middle of all this. It reflects so many Israeli conflicts but at the same time it may feel right almost about everything else that goes on in this world. Nadav is a fresh voice in the rock scene of Tel Aviv. He’s not afraid to talk about what troubles him and combines it with great rock music influenced by the Israeli Rrck scene in the 90’s, mixed with a new and exciting angle and a heart breaking take on it.

Watch the amazing video for “Pirsomot” below.


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