Berg /// Children’s Corner (feat. Charlotte Mundy)

by David Pearl | 14.04.13


I am always on the look for music I can describe to others as Emotional Landscapes. Ever since I heard Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft’s duo project “Out Here. In There.” and Bjork’s “Joga” I have been able to generated my own genre that i can call just that.  This genre, Emotional Landscapes, combines electronic sounds with organic instruments, as well as warm human voices connected by crispy cold musical air. The lyrics and music of this genre force me to imagine myself  traveling in a far away places, wondering about things beyond my mind, drowning in the music and the Crispy sounds.

BERG‘s music is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s the debut art rock project led by Izzy Gliksberg, NY based cross-genre composer and performer. BERG’s music attempts to distill the energy of pop and rock music into chamber works of art and​ features some of the most brilliant young musicians in NYC, composer and producer Yoav Shemesh, vocalist Charlotte Mundy, drummer Philippe Lemm, trumpet player and conductor Sam Nester and Cellist Fabien Genthialon.

Watch the beautiful video directed by Andrey Alistratov and Hazuki Aikawa for “Children’s Corner” below and look for BERG’s debut EP coming out soon.


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