Michal Geva /// Let Me Go

by David Pearl | 17.03.13


The winds are whispering outside, trying to tell us something or making their last statement before the winter is officially over. It gives me another chance to look up for some winter sadness.

Michal Geva is one of my favorite singer-songwriters. Since her excellent debut album, she took part in the first season of the Israeli version of “The Voice”. Later on, she has been working on her follow up album mainly made of songs in English. At the end of last year she released, under the name Blueberry Hill, a five song demo that totally crushed my heart. Five songs in their very early stages of making, but still sounding so amazing and soulful. It’s her voice and lyrics that can break someone’s heart and each and one of these songs are made to make people fall in-love with Michal’s beautiful music.

Listen to my favorite song “Let Me Go” performed live below and listen to all demosĀ HERE.


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  1. 01 naama hacohen

    “let me go” is my favorite song too…
    she is great !!


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