Shim /// Riverbound

by David Pearl | 10.03.13


Our new house has a view of a little bit of sea; the sea excites me but at the same time frightens me. I have never understood why I’m so not in peace with the sea. I guess that unresolved issues makes life more mysterious…

This song by SHIM (Shimrit Ovadia) made me think about my issue with the sea. Actually, somehow all SHIM songs make me think about seas, rivers and storms – and being in the middle of them. Her first EP (recorded and produced in Liverpool – the city that SHIM is in love with) was a minor success and offered songs with the same power and tension as one can imagine when he thinks about a peaceful sea turning into stormy and powerful one. She possesses a deep, soothing voice and her songs characterized by catchy yet powerful melodies, and a warm, rootsy sound.

Now she’s working on her full length first album and contributed 3 songs to the “kol2and5” project all recorded in one-take only.

Watch the video for “Riverbound” below and visit SHIM’s tumblr HERE.


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