Tal Fogel /// Aremot Shel Halomot (Piles Of Dreams)

by David Pearl | 07.03.13


As you all already know I’m a fool for heart-breaking songs. My mother always said that I have a purpose in life to reach and find every single heart-breaking song on this planet. So I took her mission very seriously and since then I’m in the search of songs and artist who will kindly break my heart into pieces…

Tal Fogel is one of those heart-breaking singer-songwriters that immediately catch your ears and your heart. Her very first songs from the EP “Room Version” are incredible with personal songs that swept me right away. Now she works on the final details of her full-length debut album produced by Amir Groman, who is the leading singer in the band “Marioneta Sol”, where Tal is playing bass. Now all you have to do is click play and let your heart cry out.


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