Luick /// Blackbird’s Whisper

5/03/ 2013, 11:57 am Winter Sadness 3
Luick (Israel Erez)

If you have the right voice and musical direction sometimes all you need is a guitar and some time alone to record the greatest songs.

Luick is the stage name of Israel Erez formerly a part of the Israeli-based band called “Monotalk”. After years with the band he decided to record some songs by himself  inspired by the tunes and words playing in his head over and over again. He took his guitar and recorded a full album with heart-breaking and emotional songs based only on his voice and guitar (and a cello).

Now, after releasing a short EP with 4 selections from the album, he found out that those very personal songs are becoming public and cherished by others. Now you can find some comfort in these songs made in the mind of Luick as a part of a new path in his life, an independent and beautiful one.

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