Kalbey Ruach /// Af Pa’am (Never)

by David Pearl | 28.02.13


Moving to a new apartment is always a chaotic situation for me involving a mixture of sad and happy feelings. From one hand it’s an exciting thing to move to a better place but from the other hand it’s heart-breaking to pack everything and undress the best corners in your old life finding memories of happy moments and tears from the sad ones hiding in the other corners. Now we’re in our new post-chaos apartment and there’s one song playing repeatedly in the backround, a beautiful song by “Kalbey Ruach”, and like the moving it starts very quietly and grows into a beautiful and exciting chaos…

Kalbey Ruach  (Wind Hounds) is Gadi Peter, Noam Shacham, Nir Shlomo, Itai Shitrit and the lead singer Hila Ruach. They just finished working on their first album (coming out later this year) and “Af Pa’am” is the first single from it. A beautiful and strong song with nostalgic flavours of old songs and lyrics. Hila Ruach is also a solo artist working on several projects as a singer-sonwriter, producer and composer and she’s recording her own debut album.

Listen to the song below and catch them performing a very special show at Levontin on the 27th of March.


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