Jezzy & The Belles /// Compasses & Maps

by David Pearl | 21.02.13


Jezzy & The Belles is the musical name of Jessica Eisenberg. After years in the musical scene in New York she decided to give it a try and move into the more intimate local music scene in Tel Aviv. It’s almost as she’s starting all over again.

She grew up playing classical violin and guitar. Her debut LP “Compasses & Maps” (followed after her debut EP) mixes a range of genres and sounds, incorporating electric guitars with folk ballads, electronic samples and beats as well as orchestral strings and mariachi horns. Now she works on her forthcoming album.

If feelings could sing by them selfs it would sound like a Jezzy & The Belles song, especially if that feeling is the feeling of longing to someone.

Watch the video for “Compasses & Maps” below:


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