Mary Ocher /// The Sound Of War

by David Pearl | 17.02.13


Mary Ocher started her musical career in Tel Aviv with the band “Mary and The Baby Cheeses”. In 2007 she moved to Berlin and since then she’s an active part of the musical and the art scene there as an solo artist, director and poet among other things. I have discovered her almost by mistake in one of my musical web journeys seeking after new music and since then I’m hooked to her interesting sound and voice.

Her first album “War Songs” was re-issued in 2011 by German label “Haute Areal” included acoustic songs about wars sung by her amazing and unique voice portraying the hard consequences of wars. Since then she released the very limited edition 7″ EP and several other songs. Now she works on her next album. I wonder what is it going to be about this time…

Check out the video for “The Sound Of War” below and visit her Facebook page HERE.


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