Raz Shmueli /// Panasim (Headlights)

by David Pearl | 14.02.13

Sometimes all I need is one song that can welcome me in and give me some comfort in the middle of the a really bad day. I have a bunch of those kind of songs and each and one of them always becomes an instant a family for me. They are rare songs and almost impossible to find, but when I find them it’s an immediate love story.

Raz Shmueli‘s debut single “Panasim” is exactly the song that I needed so much. She was discovered in the Israeli version of “The Voice” and since then she is working on her debut album. This song is the very first proof that it’s going to be a great album, written by her and driven by her amazing voice and emotional piano and drums melody. It goes hand in hand with a great video directed by Mika Or.


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