The Angelcy /// My Baby Boy

by David Pearl | 10.02.13


6 people, 6 stories, 6 musicians and a handful of heart-breaking songs.

theAngelcy are:¬†Aner Paker, Maya Lee Roman, Dov Rosen, Maayan Zimry, Uri Marom & Rotem Bar Or. Their songs are a mixture of sadness and happiness, a marching band that sings about the triumphs of the heart. Every time I listen to their EP I find myself crying while my heart is singing…

Catch them performing this Tuesday at the Barby and watch the video below – taken from the “Indie City” project.


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  1. 01 Joanna Chen

    What a great band The Angelcy is! You’re so right – a marching band singing about the triumphs of the heart. This is the best music to come out of Israel for a long time. I saw them at the Barby and fell in love instantly. It can only get better.


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