Hadara Levin Areddy /// True Love

by David Pearl | 03.02.13


Hadara Levin Areddy is one of my favorite musicians in Tel Aviv. Her music always made my heart to race itself, to fall in-love and out of love, to cherish some amount of graceful moments in my life. Her music always keeps changing but her voice is always there to sing her heartbreaking lyrics while she hits on the piano keys as it’s the last song she will ever sing. She’s the star musician by being the suicide singer – singing her heart out until it’ll break on the floor in front of you.

“True Love”  is the first single from her 11th album in the making “Who’s Gonna Stop Me Now?”, her first independent one. It’s also evolving in time. Songs are gradually added up and it’s already sounds promissing and yes, heartbreaking…

Check out her facebook page.


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