Ellyott /// Before The Sea Will Rise

by David Pearl | 24.01.13


Ellyott was part of “Poliana Frank”, one of the best indie bands in Israel. She also took part of the London music scene back in the 90’s and since then she became one of the famous DJ’s in Tel Aviv. Next Month She will release her Solo Debut Album “5772” with mixture of Hebrew and English songs.

From the very first song in this album to the last one it feels like a journey through her personal life. It’s like a musical autobiography with the necessary stops in life: love, heartbreaks, longings and political issues. Ellyott is the proof that there’s no such thing as ‘the right time and age to make a solo-debut album’, because this album is one of the mature and beautiful albums of this year.

You can listen to the first song from the album below and pre-order the special edition through Bandcamp until the end of next week. So hurry up!


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