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by David Pearl | 17.01.13


Old Man River is the stage name of Ohad Rein. Until recently he was based in Australia but lately he came back to Tel Aviv with his music and family after releasing 2 successful albums: “Good Morning” & “Trust”.

Not a long ago he released “The Ones That Got Away”, a collection of demos and material that was left out of his albums and “Reflections”, his personal covers album project (you can download it for free!) and now he’s ready to start working on his new album in this new environment of the messy and sunny Tel Aviv.

His songs are the perfect combination of sun and warmness full of feelings and love that can make you be happy and wonder about life at the same time. It’s easy to wright sad songs but it is much harder to write happy songs…

Also watch Old Man River Performing Beck’s “Old Shanghai” (the first song taken from “Back Hansen’s Song Reader”)


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