Ania Bukstein /// Yom Ehad (One Day)

by David Pearl | 02.01.13


It’s not so hard to fall in love with Ania Bukstein, She has a beauty of a swan and a voice full of layers and depths.

For years she’s known as an esteemed movie and theatre actress. She always sang as a part of her roles but never called herself  a musician. Now she decided to come out as a musician and as a singer-songwriter, and after 2 years of work with the producer Johnny Goldstein (one half of the successful electronic duo TYP) she released the first single called “Yom Ehad (One Day)” from her forthcoming debut album.

It’s a beautiful, jazzy and emotional song written from Ania to her future baby asking the big question “One day when I have a child, What will I give him, What will I give you?”. One may ask himself if it’s actually directed to her future baby or is it a metaphoric song written by mother-nature to all of her children.

Ania Bukstein


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